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Please input the product name(s) and support level. This is how we know what you want. Example: "unsupported bond calculators". Please DO NOT input your e-mail address here! Also - this field only accepts LETTERS and NUMBERS - if you input anything else, then it will fail.

The second to last step is clicking "Submit" below. Do not click Default All unless you want all input to clear, so you can start over. The next page that loads displays your input. Click Confirm at the bottom when you're sure your information is correct (ignore everything you didn't type). The last step is to click Pay when the credit card confirm page loads.

If you get, "You are not authorized to view this page," then you're being blocked (usually because you're on a network). Or it could be a switch in your browser setup that won't allow data to transfer between domains. Or overactive anti-virus software. Or a Firewall settings issue. There's a list of things on your end that makes the overly-secure bank software fail like this. If so, then sorry, it "won't work." Please try it on a different computer, or call (503) 309-1369 to place your order (which always works, unless your card is broken).